Here at Safeguard we understand that people are becoming increasingly concerned about their online privacy. However, we feel that , nowadays privacy policies are long winded and convoluted which makes them difficult to understand. We hate that and want to buck the trend. If you carry on reading we hope you'll find all the information you need to help you understand how we handle your data. If you'd like more information on any aspect of our privacy policy, please get in touch.

Personal information

This site acts as a mechanism for us to collect details from both potential and existing customers. This information is often referred to as 'personally identifiable information' or 'PII' and includes addresses and contact details. This data not only allows us to provide a service to you as a customer but also to contact you for marketing reasons. We will never sell this information.

The data we collect is primarily stored in a secure database in a cloud hosting environment but frequent backups are also taken and stored offline.

As well as storing this data in our own system we also store part of this data in a third party email marketing system provided by Campaign Monitor.

Note that as the collectors of this data it is our duty to ensure that this information is not only kept safe and secure but also up to date. With that in mind, please don't hestitate to contact us if you would like us to update our records.

Site metrics

To help ensure that our website is performing as well as possible we monitor each users usage of it. To do this we leverage a third party tracking tool, Google Analytics. This is the industry standard tracking tool and is utilised by the majority of websites you visit on a day to day basis. No personally identifiable information is collected by Google Analytics.

This information is held solely on Google servers.

Further reading